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The DC Method for Achieving Sensational Skin

Every human being on Earth is born custom-wrapped in skin, the body’s largest organ.  Relatively flawless at birth, skin gradually acquires scars, wrinkles, stretch-marks, discolorations, growths…a vast array of undesirable changes that develop with time and exposure, through injury, from environmental damage such as that which comes from too much sun or chemicals, from genetic anomalies…the causes of damage to the skin are unlimited.

In contrast, effective remedies and procedures for this inevitable damage are rare, short-lived and very, expensive.  However, an imaginative, reliable innovation in skin care and repair has been developed and perfected by Certified Medical Micro-Pigmentation Practitioner and Licensed Aesthetician Linda Dunn-Carter.  Carefully perfecting her DC Method through 400 clinical case studies and over 2000 procedures, Linda Dunn-Carter has achieved significant, positive changes in the appearance and texture of scars as well as in the tone, texture and brightening of the skin.  The evaluations completed by 400 clients report that 95-100% of those clients saw improvement in the first week and outstanding results by Week 16. 

The unique success of the DC Method comes from a process that fundamentally reprograms and transforms the skin. This is accomplished through Ms. Dunn-Carter’s precise Pre and Post Care Treatments, which cut the healing time in half while reprogramming and nurturing the new tissue. In addition, Home Care regimens are carefully designed to meet the individual client’s needs.

The DC Method offers endless possibilities for transforming skin damage, especially scars, fine lines and wrinkles, NATURALLY.

The DC Method is an amazing and effective way to diminish scars, fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration.  In the course of a lifetime, most people eventually get scars.  Even more people develop fine lines and wrinkles. Scars and sun damage promote hyper-pigmentation and in some cases hypo-pigmentation.  As humans age, their skin tends to sag and stretch, making wrinkles deeper and the scars bigger.  One person may be free of wrinkles until they reach their 40’s.  Another may have significant wrinkles in their 30’s.  Whatever a client’s age, the DC Method can make life-changing improvements in the appearance of these unsightly skin problems.

Those who have studied the nature of human skin report that the Epidermis and the Dermis, the outer-most layers of our skin, tend to gradually slow down cellular renewal over time.  In fact, studies show that, after age 50, the skin cell renewal of both men and women takes between 42 to 84 days.  The main element of the Dermis is Collagen – it comprises 70% of the weight of skin.  For healthy, attractive skin it is imperative that this critical element is plentiful and is constantly renewing itself.  Elastin, the other main element of human skin, gives skin the ability to stretch and to retain its shape.  Aging slows down the production of these two major elements of the Dermis, resulting in skin that shows the effects of sun damage and in thin, dull, older-looking skin with wrinkles and other signs of deterioration.

Damaging tissue– (unique to the DC Method) will allow the client to reproduce their own natural collagen and elastin making the skin significantly more smooth, tight and more youthful and healthy in appearance.  The tissue adhesion under scars and wrinkles which acts as a barrier prohibiting Collagen and Elastin from rising to the Epidermis and Dermis is gently destroyed during the process of abrading the tissue.  As these superficial layers are released from the bands of tethered tissue holding the scars and wrinkles down, the path for Collagen and Elastin production is now open allowing these elements to integrate within the Epidermis and the Dermis, repairing the damaged, aged skin.